I’m not going to lie. Those alliterations are starting to get hard to come by the more I blab on about renovations and remodeling! About a year and a half ago, I talked about looking for a new home and the importance of a “mother-in-law” apartment or living space. Apparently we were a little ahead of ourselves at the time, but we now find ourselves in the position of selling mom’s house. To be fair, we are not worried about the actual sale itself. The house is amazing and could

By now you are realizing it is too late to remodel your kitchen before the guests arrive. That’s OK. At this point it is totally fine to work with what you have and let the guests take over however they like. Remember; this is supposed to be a fun and relaxing time with family and friends. Don’t stress about what you have on your list for Santa (including a new stove, countertops and cabinets). Sure it would be great to double your space (and counter space) for this weekend, but

When I purchased my first home (a duplex down in Somersworth) I was fortunate to find a fantastic mortgage broker. She found FHA deals that allowed me to purchase this property with almost nothing out of pocket. My second home (across the Kanc. in Lincoln) was purchased with a business partner who handled the lion’s share of the up-front costs and we evened the finances out over time. Both of these were amazing experiences that taught me to always look beyond the initial hurdle to see if there is any

Last Thanksgiving, with plans in place to host over a dozen people at our house, mitigating circumstances arose and we had to abort the festivities. This year for Christmas, we’re headed to my brother’s place in Salt Lake City, UT. Yes, if you’re curious, there will be skiing! Growing up, it was always just a given that we were headed to Nana and Bampa’s house for Christmas. With a handful of exceptions, their house was always the place for the big meals, the family gatherings and (usually) the best presents.

When you decide it is time to sell your Conway NH home, there are several things you can do to make the sale go more smoothly. The first thing you definitely need to do is decide on the price to place on your house and what the lowest negotiated price is that you will accept. Pricing your house Your house may have appreciated in value since you bought it, but it also may have depreciated in value. The best way to find out what a fair price would be for

I know I’ve said this before but I simply love winter! It’s finally here too, in case you missed the memo. We’re finally getting a healthy coating of the white stuff. And while yes, that means you’re likely going to have to finish up your coffee (and this article) and get outside to do some cleaning up, at least it’s gorgeous out (albeit a bit chilly this weekend!). One of my favorite parts about a snowy day is simply getting outside and walking around. It doesn’t matter if it’s just

Nubi was great when we bought our house in 1997 and he and his Badger Team didn’t let us down when we sold that house last month. He was patient and understanding, completely involved and of course honest and friendly. Buying/Selling is stressful stuff and Nubi makes it almost fun! Special “shout out” to their closing coordinator, Wendy Holmes.

40. That’s the magic number. The number of days until the Red Sox have their first game in Spring Training. Yes, if you’re curious. I’m already looking at flights and have warned my parents they are going to have some company in mid-February. Don’t get me wrong. I love winter and love all that the Mount Washington Valley offers us for a playground. But, I’m excited for spring, green grass, warm evenings and putting away the shovel for a few months. Even though the temps are in the 20’s this

Geometric patterns are eye-catching, especially in a modern house. When you are staging your Jackson NH house for sale, you will find that they offer a wide variety of shapes and combinations. Geometric patterns you can use include: cylinders, rectangles, squares, cubes, pyramids, triangles, straight lines, ellipses, circles, and polygons. These are bold pattern choices, but they can have the effect of riveting the buyer’s eye in the direction of specific design areas of your house. Geometric patterns are also great to use in rooms without a lot of light and

Whether you are thinking selling your North Conway NH house or you plan to stay there, energy efficient home improvements can in the long run give you more money. But before you decide to invest in making your home more energy efficient, it is important to know what the current energy efficiency status of your home is. An energy audit An energy audit in which a certified professional inspects your entire home to assess where energy efficiency can be improved is the best way to begin in your quest to