I did not come into this world a natural “handy-man”. My uncle Ted, on the other hand, is one of those guys that can fix most anything. Throughout life I have built my fair share of tree houses, skateboard ramps, saw horses and even a nice 3-tier end table. The biggest factor in the level of success with all of those endeavors is having the right equipment. When you witness a quality piece of woodwork, whether it is a birdhouse or a kayak, the root of that project is inevitably

When I bought my first property back in the 20th century, I did so with almost no money down. A former co-worker was the rep. and walked me through the whole process that made it far more pleasant and educational. One thing I distinctly remember was the specific “rules” he set up to help maintain my standing with the financial institutions. After the preapproval, there’s a bit of a tightrope that buyers should be aware they are walking as they move closer to getting that loan. Let’s review a few

There has been a lot of talk about the “tiny home” movement in the last couple years. Folks are downsizing and making use of smaller and incredibly efficient spaces in which to call home. In the 1950’s the average home size was just less than 1,000 square feet. In 2004 it had ballooned to over 2,300. An article I saw yesterday noted how baby boomers were getting stuck with their “McMansions” since nobody was buying those unnecessarily large (and soul-less) monstrosities. Turns out bigger really is not always better. Let’s

I have lived both ways and I will (almost) always choose to own my home versus renting it. The truth is, there are some decent reasons to rent your home instead of owning it. Life circumstances could dictate that decision and it is likely the best course of action for where you are at that time. For most folks though, home ownership is going to be the goal and the best option. Today, we’re going to talk about a few of the reasons Jackson NH home ownership is not just

If you’ve been reading the latest “scoop” in the real estate world, you now know that there’s a shortage of homes for buyers to buy. Of course it goes without saying (although here I am saying it) that that is a national trend and you should really call your local agent to get the local scoop. That said, we’re quickly slipping and sliding our way through the mud towards the spring selling season in real estate. Yes, we talked quite a bit this year about how it is possible (and

If you have lived in your Conway NH home for a couple years or the home itself is more than a few years old, chances are good that you have considered (even completed) some home improvement projects. I have had the pleasure of reading and learning about real estate for many years now. One of the more enlightening things I’ve learned is how these home improvement projects can actually increase the value of the home. This is not to say that it is the only reason to remodel or refurbish.

One of my favorite (albeit stressful) processes in building my house was laying out the floor plan. Anybody reading this with an ounce of sense is saying “You should have had a designer help you, dummy!” and I couldn’t agree more. But alas, I’m stubborn and independent and wanted to do it myself. Thankfully it came out great (and I had a lot of help!). I spent hours with a computer program laying out the cabinets, moving the abutting bathroom wall, shrinking and expanding the bedroom on the other side

It is no secret spring is the time when both flowers and new listings start popping up all over the place. The reasons for selling your North Conway NH home now have been covered ad nauseam. I have only been through the process of selling a home twice. Once ended up being a deal worked out with a friend so there was no drama there. The second time, over in Lincoln, was like itching to get asked to the prom. I put “myself” out there and just crossed my fingers

There is no shortage of articles related to helping first time homebuyers through the process; but what about first time sellers? If this is a home in which they grew up or raised their children, there are going to be many emotional experiences that the seller has never been through. Today I’d like to cruise around the in’s and out’s of selling a North Conway NH home and offer some tips for those sellers taking this journey for the first time. It is no small undertaking and these suggestions might

‘Tis the season! If you’ve been waiting all winter to sell your North Conway NH real estate, now is the time. Nationally, the market is very thin with listings and yours might be just what those buyers are looking for. Today, I‘d like to look at some tips for you to help speed up the time it takes to get from sticking a sign in your front yard to signing the paperwork at the closing table. Specifically, what can you do to help your home stand out above the rest