As the ski season has wound down, although I know there’s still snow up in Tuckerman’s, here’s a look back at the history of this great ski town! American poet, playwright, artist, and essayist E. E. Cummings (who spent his last days in North Conway) once said that courage is what is required to grow up and become what one really is. North Conway, New Hampshire is a community that has plenty of courage as it has transformed itself over the years from a little known entity called Pequawket (pronounced

It seems that Old Man Winter (or Mother Nature, whomever you prefer) is not ready to release its boney grip on the white stuff. Of course, this ambition would have been MUCH more welcome about 3 months ago when we really wanted to have some coverage on the slopes. This tends to be the time of year that I head south to visit my parents. They were wise enough to migrate over a decade ago, tired of bitter-cold mornings, shoveling and all that goes with winter living in the North

So you want to flip a house, eh? Turns out you’ve been watching too many reruns on HGTV at 3am. Get some sleep, my friend. Truth is, flipping a house is still feasible. Sure, while the market was disproportionately hot, flipping a house was a task anyone could tackle (and have success!). Today’s market is far more stable and has rise to such a level that flipping is truly an option. If you decide you’re going to head down this road, I’d like to offer a few helpful tips. First

I’ll admit these strategies are not just for spring. The truth is, lots of people have the idea (right or wrong) that spring is the best time to sell a home. I whole-heartedly agree that I’d much prefer folks to be walking through my home without all the fuss and mess of snowy boots and muddy walkways. While it is true that we’re fully into spring, these tips hold value regardless of the season. As real estate professionals, we are in the business of helping folks buy and sell homes.

Last year Uncle Sam really did a number on me. OK, if I’m entirely honest, I didn’t plan ahead very well and didn’t put enough away for my taxes. Shame on me. This year, I faired a little better and apparently my planning paid off. No, I’m not getting anything in return, but at least I’m not freaking out about a few thousand dollars in checks I need to write. If you find yourself on the other, more friendly, side of the tax season, I wanted to share a few

With my house over in Lincoln, the “yard” was truly as “natural” as it gets. I cleared the lot to make space for the driveway and the house. Once the house was built, it started snowing. “Perfect”, I thought, “now the lawn looks beautiful”. In the spring, I bought a circular blade for my weed-whacker and trimmed the scrub grass and weeds that were growing around the house. That, my friends, is a minimalist yard! ‘Tis the season of spring and you’re getting giddy for those first trips to the

No, just so we’re clear, I don’t want to hear your body talk. (Hoping some of you will get that!) The reality is, millennials (am I supposed to capitalize that?) are going to be making up a tidy percentage of the buying population starting…. Now! They are starting to graduate from college (Like, OMG!) and they are entering the workforce (and the housing market) in force. Sure, they have a reputation for speaking in emojis and having an over-inflated sense of entitlement but that doesn’t mean they don’t want to

Having a second home for getaway weekends or vacations can be a wonderful investment. There are even homes in communities that have realtors who will manage your getaway home as a rental unit when you are not using it. While your vacation home will never give you the good return on your investment you could be other investments, it will definitely serve you well for being able to get away when you need or want to. Things to consider before buying a vacation home While it is great to get

As I mentioned a couple months ago, we successfully avoided having company for the holidays. I love my family (and hers) and truly have no problem with guests. At the time we were battling rogue smells, dead rodents and construction projects that just wouldn’t quit. This week, all of those distractions were gone and my parents finally got to visit. I honestly don’t know how we lived together for all those years. I supposed, like the story of the frog in the kettle, it’s something you are just accustomed to

Orgh! Urgh!… Yes, that was my best Tim-The-Tool-Man impression. I got my tool-man on this week and moved our TV. While 15 years ago, this would have been as simple as moving a box from one room to another. This week it involved a whole lot more. Initially I spent about 40 minutes measuring both the new “TV room” and the basement to determine where the wall upstairs was when viewing it from the basement. Next was cutting a hole in the sheetrock in order to drill a hole into