Looking for a vacation rental in the Mt. Washington Valley? Do you have a property you’d like to rent as a vacation, seasonal or year-round rental? Let Kerri McCauley, our experienced rental assistant, help you find the perfect spot for your White Mountain getaway or give you all the details on renting your property through our popular rental program!

Kerri_McCauley“I grew up in North Conway and have been in the hospitality business my whole life. My parents owned a restaurant and this is where it all began for me. I learned how to make people happy and what a lot of their needs were. It gave me a lot of pleasure to see a customer leave with a big smile on their face. I have been a waitress-server-cook-manager, landscaper and ski instructor at many places in the Mount Washington Valley.

In 2010 my father in law passed leaving my husband and I with three rentals. I decided out of the blue, why not vacation rentals! I started out with three places and I now help manage more than 25 rentals in the valley with Badger Realty.
I absolutely love my job helping families from all over the world book the BEST and most TROUBLE-FREE vacation possible.

I live in the area so all our renters are getting the best service any one could ask for.  We guarantee you that all our homes are tenant ready, CLEAN-COZY and PERFECT for any size you may need.”       ~Kerri McCauley, Rental Assistant

Contact me for more information. Let me help you find a great vacation, seasonal, or year-round rental.  •  Cell. (603)733-7511

When Renting Makes Sense

Whether you’re relocating or moving out on your own for the first time, you’ll be faced with the choice of renting versus buying a home or condo. There are advantages to both, but below are six circumstances when choosing to rent really makes sense. If you do decide that renting is your best route, make sure to call one of our rental agents, Bill or Theresa to help you with your rental search.

There are some good reasons that make renting a more palatable option when decision time arrives.  The most obvious reason is longevity (or the lack thereof).  If you have no intention of settling down in the area you are looking at, it makes no sense to buy a home.  The interest and fees you will pay to acquire that home for less than 6 years will likely not pay off.  Of course “life” happens and you are sometimes forced to move away after buying a home.  Those little hiccups we cannot avoid.  In most cases, the financial commitment to purchase a home is far greater (on the surface) than that of renting.

Annually, a homeowner will be responsible for the mortgage, maintenance costs, community living fees, taxes and insurance.  This differs from the renter who is only responsible for the rental payment and renters insurance.  While this may look like an obvious choice, the most critical thing to remember is that all of the money spent by the homeowner for mortgage and maintenance is essentially money going back into their pocket.  This is where it starts to pay off after 6 years.  The average homeowner will spend nearly $1,800 less than a renter for each of those first 6 years. (Data source: Moody’s Economy)  That money spent on rent is essentially thrown away.  The homeowner is investing in themselves and their equity.

Renting offers more flexibility than home ownership.  By renting a home, you are afforded the freedom to explore an area before making the longer-term commitment to homeownership. Unless you have your heart set on a specific neighborhood, renting allows you more time for research.  You can really get to know an area, and explore others, during this period.

Another factor in the rent vs. buy conundrum is career uncertainty. If you think you might need to move in the near future, or are mulling job changes that span several areas of town or are located elsewhere in the country, you might want to rent. Buying ties you down to a greater extent.  This uncertain job market can also mean income uncertainty. If you expect a pay hike or cut in the near future, that can change your borrowing ability as well as impact your ability to pay a mortgage.

If you are currently saddled with bad credit, creating a history of on-time rental payments can help you build the sort of credit you’ll need to qualify for a mortgage.  This rental time can be a great way to establish yourself financially and prove to the banks you are a good credit risk, when the time is right.