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2 Things That Make Littleton, NH Such a Great Place to Live

There is no shortage of beautiful places to live in New England. This can make the home buying experience difficult. Not only do you have to consider which home you want to purchase, you first have to figure out which town you want to live in.

One town we highly recommend is the Littleton, NH real estate for sale. It is a beautiful New England town, with all of the East Coast benefits, like four seasons and a plethora of year round outdoor activities. But what makes Littleton, NH unique?

The 2 Things That Make Littleton, NH Such a Wonderful Place

Why do we find Littleton, NH so attractive? Here are 2 reasons.

  1. History. Some fun historical facts about Littleton:
  • It was originally called Chiswick back in 1764. Chiswick is Saxon for Cheese Farm. Yum!
  • The land was in the care of the Surveyor of the King’s Woods, Colonel Moses Little. The town was named after him in 1784.
  • Chutter’s Candy Store holds the record of the world’s longest candy counter.
  • The Kilburn Brothers had a factory in town that published photos and sold double-picture viewers that were popular among Victorian New Englanders.
  1. Culture. Every town is proud of their particular brand of culture. Some you’ll find in Littleton, NH include:
  • Locals included children’s book authors Tor Seidler and Pollyanna author Eleanor H. Porter.
  • There is a bronze sculpture of Pollyanna, the pride of Littleton, in front of the Public Library.
  • For some international culture, residents enjoy productions at the Littleton Opera House.

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These are just some fun Littleton facts. There are many other reasons to consider making it your home. When you’re ready to explore what Littleton has to offer, including homes for sale, give us a call!