Whitefield NH Real Estate


3 Sights to Behold—Looking for Whitefield, NH real estate for sale?

Cool, clean, crisp mountain air. Does it get any better? We don’t think so. This is just one of the reasons we at Badger Realty love serving Coos County. We especially love towns like Whitefield, NH that are so close to the White Mountains.

What does a town like Whitefield, NH have to offer someone looking to purchase a home there? Let us tell you!

3 Lovely Sights to Behold in Whitefield, NH

It’s really difficult to compile a list of just 3 attractions, but we’ve worked hard to do so. This list will show you why to consider purchasing a home in Whitefield, NH.

  1. Lakes Galore. For anyone who loves water—either to look at it and meditate, or for those who love water sports—Whitefield, NH is the place to be. There are many options, including Johns River, Forest Lake, Burns Lake, and the gorgeous Mirror Lake near the center of Whitefield.
  2. Victorian Architecture. Nothing brings back the nostalgia of yesteryear like Victorian architecture. This can be seen throughout New England, but is a distinct feature of Whitefield.
  3. Presidential Range. The Presidential Range consists of 19 miles of mountain range. There are 13 mountains, and 9 of them are over 4000 feet high. The tallest range is Mount Washington. If you’re an avid hiker, you’ll want to take on the challenge others have embarked upon – hike the entire 19 mile range in a day, or 2-4 days during the winter months.

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Are you curious about Whitefield, NH? Are you wondering what kinds of homes are for sale in this beautiful little village? If so, we would love to take you around to some of the lovely real estate Whitefield, NH has to offer.